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Augmented situational awareness through sensor data and AI.
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Augmented Everest.

Augmented Everest is a wireless sensor platform which monitors and analyzes biometric, environmental and location data and communicates data-driven insights and warnings through speech. The platform consists of a bone-conduction headset, a command module, a biometric module and a environmental/location module. The biometric sensor transmits 16+ scientifically validated feeds and measures for example respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate, heart rate variable, cognitive state, emotional status and emotional intensity. The environmental/location module measures for example barometric pressure, relative air humidity, air temperature, location, direction and acceleration. The command module analyzes the sensor data and communicates spoken insights, predictions and warnings through the bone-conducting headset to the user. Multiple users supported.


Keep calm and listen.

Augmented Everest provides you with your very own little voice that speaks the unvarnished truth, no matter the conditions.

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Toni SILLANPÄÄ Project Director

Get in touch with Toni if you have any questions about Augmented Everest.

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